Interline Partners


Interline Partners

Book on United Airlines or British Airways for a seamless connection with Tradewind Aviation

Our interline partnerships provide the added convenience of single ticket purchase and baggage transfer.

Interline booking is available:

Note: Changes to an interline ticket must be done with your travel agency or Tradewind is unfortunately unable to make changes to these bookings.

  • United Airlines: US 1-800-864-8331
  • British Airways: US 1-800-247-9297  UK 0344 493 0787

Traveling from United to Tradewind

At check-in with United, your bags will be tagged to your Tradewind destination and you will receive a Tradewind boarding pass.

San Juan (SJU) transfers:  Proceed directly to the Tradewind check-in counter in Terminal A.  A Tradewind representative will scan your passport and show you to our private lounge.

Antigua (ANU) transfers:  Proceed to the in-transit area just before immigration. You will be met by a representative and escorted to the Tradewind departures gate.

Traveling from Tradewind to United

At Tradewind check-in, your bags will be tagged and you will receive a boarding pass to your final destination.

San Juan (SJU) transfers: On arrival in San Juan, you will pass immigration and claim your luggage.  You will then provide your luggage at United Airlines baggage drop just outside of customs.  A Tradewind representative will guide you through customs, baggage drop and to the TSA area.

Antigua (ANU) transfers: You will need to pass immigration and claim your luggage and check-in for your United departure.

Traveling from British Airways to Tradewind

On arrival from London, you will be greeted in the arrivals hall and escorted to our departures gate by our representative.

Traveling from Tradewind to British Airways

On arrival to Antigua, you will need to pass immigration and claim your luggage and check-in for your British Airways departure