Private Charter as a Business Tool

Discover the efficiency and productivity of flying private.

  • Choose airports that are closer and more convenient to your origin and destination
  • Bypass TSA lines and long enplaning and deplaning rituals
  • Conduct private meetings onboard
  • Save time and money on unnecessary overnights

The primary benefit of flying private is the significant time savings over the airlines. One study by JetAdvisors and published by estimated over 7 hours of time savings when flying private vs airline:

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Time Savings Study (Commercial vs. Private Travel)

Example: New York (Teterboro Airport) to Boston

Airline Travel Private Travel
Office/Home to departure airport 1:00 0:30
Parking/Prescreen/Security/Wait 1:30 0:10
Airport to Meeting Arrival 1:00 0:20
Total One Leg Trip Time 3:30 1:00
Time Savings per leg 2:30
Time Savings per round trip 5:00 hours

Additionally, the Pilatus PC-12s unique operating efficiency on short and medium-range flights often results in significant cost savings over the airlines.

Corporate Shuttles

A popular option for business travel is corporate shuttles. Setup regular flights on a fixed or flexible schedule and benefit from significant discounts with our pre-paid Goodspeed program. Click here to learn more.

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  • No upfront or membership fees
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Pay only for the charter you fly
  • Lock in departure time at booking (no sliding departure window as with other programs)


  • Save up to 15% on private charter
  • Aircraft: Pilatus PC-12
  • Starting at only 50k
  • Discounts also apply on Tradewind Shuttles
  • Value does not expire