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Comfort and convenience of private charter for the cost of a single seat

Private Terminal Convenience

Shuttle flights depart from private charter FBO terminals with no TSA delays. Arrive just 15-30 minutes before departure and relax in the FBO lounge before departing directly to the aircraft. 

Modern Aircraft Comfort and Safety

Shuttle flights are operated in Swiss-built Pilatus PC-12 turbine-powered aircraft flown by two pilots with air-conditioning, a pressurized cabin and plenty of room for luggage.

Flexible Ticket Terms

Itinerary changes are free and shuttle tickets are interchangeable with family and friends. Luggage is free and pets are welcome at no charge (limit one party with large pets per flight).

Schedules for Regular Commuters

Shuttle schedules are designed for regular commuters, with frequent departures that allow for maximum time at your destination!

Route Days Frequency
Nantucket Daily* Up to 25 flights per day
Martha’s Vineyard Thursday – Monday* Up to 15 flights per day
Stowe Friday & Sunday* 6 flights per weekend

*Nantucket season is late April through early December
*Vineyard season is May through November
*Stowe season is mid-December through mid-March

Ticket Book Discounts

Regular commuters benefit from significant savings by purchasing in ticket books. Additional benefits include exclusive access to the automated wait list system, ease of booking and flight management through the TRADEWIND mobile app and the value of unused tickets does not expire.

Ticket book holder login You may now purchase new tickets from within in your account.

Route Full Rate Reverse Leg 10-19 Ticket Book 20-40 Ticket Book 41+ Ticket Book
Nantucket $875 $437.50 $775 $730 $680
Martha’s Vineyard $765 $382.50 $705 $665 $630
Stowe $625 $312.50 $563 $550 $532

*Pricing is pre-tax.

*Reverse leg pricing is applicable on most Thursdays / Fridays from Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Stowe and Sundays / Mondays to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Stowe.

Additional Discounts on Other Routes

Ticket book holders may purchase single trip journeys on any other shuttle route at the following discount rates:

Ticket Book Level
Discount on Other Routes
10-19 5.0%
20-40 7.5%
41+ 10%

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