Ownership Solutions

Aircraft Ownership Solutions

Own or consider owning an aircraft? Tradewind Aviation can help. 

Leveraging 15 years of aircraft management expertise, Tradewind Aviation is uniquely positioned to assist you with the process of owning an aircraft. 

We are dedicated to providing you with a turn-key solution, including: 
Ownership Experience:
  • A dedicated aircraft owner services team
  • A customizable, turn-key solution to owning an aircraft
  • Analysis of travel needs in conjunction with financial and tax requirements
  • Oversight and compliance
  • Comprehensive reporting of all aspects of aircraft operation, in whatever format is appropriate
  • Selection of appropriate aircraft
  • If purchasing: Negotiation of aircraft acquisition, including pre-purchase inspections
  • Preferred access to the Tradewind-operated fleet of PC-12 aircraft
  • Storage at our facilities at Waterbury-Oxford Airport or Westchester County Airport
  • Scheduling and pre-flight planning (customs, ground handling, etc.)
  • Selection and training of superior crewmembers
  • Optimized air charter revenue
  • Light maintenance at our facilities and supervision of major maintenance events
  • Interchange agreements with other Tradewind Aviation aircraft, to ensure 100% availability
  • Sized for service—local operation with national reach

Tradewind’s Support Team:

  • Dedicated Owner Services Team
  • 24 hour Dispatch
  • Flight Operations
  • Charter Sales
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Safety Department
  • Flight Crew Recruiting

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if aircraft ownership may be an option for you.